"Experience More Results in Your 
Online Marketing Over The Next 6 Months...
Than you have in the past  2 years!"

  • From: Stephanie Hines
    Business & Marketing Coach

Stephanie Hines

Are you READY to build your Online Marketing System that drives qualified leads to your business daily?

I will hold your hand and walk you step by step through creating your Online Marketing system that includes the 5 crucial components every SUCCESSFUL marketing funnel must have.

This Online Marketing Mastermind is an all-in-one system!  Have you tried to piece your online marketing together taking all different courses and programs only to leave you struggling to figure out how they all worked together?
I created my Online Marketing Mastermind,  with entrepreneurs like you in mind.
You will design and implement a complete marketing system focused on your business, that will finally get you the consistency and results you are looking for.
This mastermind is a complete hands-on, deep dive into setting up your complete online marketing system. It is a total game changer in getting your marketing systems set up, automated and running once and for all!  
There are only 8 spots available for this mastermind and it is by application only.  So if you are even a tiny bit interested  Apply Now.
 I am keeping this small and intimate to ensure you receive the training you need.

Once your online marketing system is created you can duplicate it for any target audience, product or service!

   Module #1  Design and layout of your entire Online Marketing System.
   Module #2   Create the content for your Free Offer, building your email list. 
   Module #3  Set Up the delivery of your offer with an opt in landing page, 
          and thank you page.
   Module #4  Create and launch your 12 series automated email campaign.
   Module #5  We will walk through creating your Facebook Ads campaign to 
          drive traffic to your new online marketing system.  
   Module #6  Your Facebook Ads are running. Now it's the behind the scenes
          of monitoring the analytics of the ads to ensure efficiency and sales!
These are all LIVE trainings and Q&A.  I won't just spit videos and trainings at you.  I am with you each session, every single month for 6 MONTHS giving you the support and training you need.
LIVE Mastermind Session Trainings
LIVE Q&A Sessions
Recorded Videos of Training Sessions
Checklist/Templates/Scripts/Swipe Files 
This is a true Mastermind facilitated by me,  a Business & Marketing Coach, and you have up to 8 experts in their field, brainstorming with you, sharing their expertise, knowledge, and experience.
I am SUPER excited about this Marketing Mastermind because it has been a game changer for business owners!!

How the Mastermind Group  Works...

Mastermind Monthly Program Fee Only:  $297 monthly
(If you want to pay all at once you save $200!...
This is  the ultimate deal for 6 months of marketing masterminding!)

Virtual Monthly Mastermind Trainings   
Live Q&A  Calls
                     Private Online Community (for even more support!)

* We are accepting applications now for our online marketing mastermind system.  

If you have never had success in online marketing or you know enough to be dangerous...you can still join!

* This group has a maximum of 8 members
(I hope you are one of them, so get your application in!).

 This is your time to make the impact you are meant to
make in your marketing and business!

Make the ultimate investment in your business:

 Join the Online Marketing Mastermind Group Program for only 
$ 297 a month to experience radical results and changes in your  business!

Let's Build Your Online Marketing Machine Together!  
                           ~ Stephanie